Presented on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Franco-Vietnamese diplomatic relations, the exhibition “Meandering through the city” reflects the co-operative ties between the Rhône-Alpes Region, Greater Lyon and HCMC.

“Meandering through the city” showcases the recent urban transformation which has taken place in the two cities, examining the innovative policies and iconic projects that now guide their development.

Organised jointly by PADDI, the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture and the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, this exhibition offers reflections on contemporary urbanism seen through the lens of PADDI’s own activities and programmes.

The city and water

Water is a key element in the urban composition and identity of both HCMC and Lyon and has played a major historic role in the development of both cities. Today the management and protection of water is at the heart of all research work on urban development and management.

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Urban development and expansion

Urban sprawl and “verticalisation” pose many challenges, including increased demand for housing and pressure to improve urban infrastructures and networks and to protect the environment and built heritage.

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Urban mobility has become a major challenge, impacting on both the quality of life and the reputation of cities around the world. Both metropolises are currently developing sustainable city strategies based on ambitious transport policies to decrease traffic congestion and increase road safety

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