HCMC: Major sanitation projects

As well as adapting to climate change and taking measures to protect against flooding, improving water quality is one of the priority issues for HCMC.

The city has initiated various long-term projects at different stages of the water cycle. These projects seek to improve and increase the supply capacity of drinking water, to treat domestic and industrial waste water before discharge, to dredge and clean the canals and creeks, to clean up the embankments, to relocate informal settlements which have grown up alongside the waterways, to control discharge from industrial plants and to construct sewage treatment plants. It is through major projects such as these that the city pursues its objective of improving public health and enhancing the quality of urban life.

© Jet Hùynh.
Harnessing the value of water in the Phú Mỹ Hưng lake

This activity requires assiduous attention in order to maintain the cleanliness of the waterway. Once black with pollution and full of rubbish, this creek has now been transformed into a clean waterway.

HCMC sanitation department employees collecting waste floating in the creek

Lyon: Controlling the water cycle

© Greater Lyon.
Sewage is treated before being discharged into the Rhone River

Greater Lyon has an abundant supply of high quality water and also deploys modern technology to help it guarantee water quality throughout the entire water cycle. Tap water supplied by the city to the population under the brand name “Grand’O de Lyon” is a water of high quality, comparable to the most popular varieties of bottled mineral water. With its constant search for water efficiency and optimisation of the water cycle, Greater Lyon works to improve the quality and attractiveness of water environments, control the runoff of rain water and reduce thermal stress.

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