We’d like to thank the Gia Định photographers club for letting us use their photos for the exhibition. Through those images, they provide us with their views and impressions on the development of their city.

Dinh Quang Tuan

Thành Phố Sài Gòn năng động và hiện đại luôn luôn đổi mới (2013)

Saigon. I’ve lived here for over 30 years and witnessed all the changes, transformations of this dynamic, vibrant and modern city. Saigon is still beautiful in my eyes. I love Saigon

Hu Nguyễn Ngọc Quyên

Thuyen Hoa Dau Xuan 1

A boat full of flowers to welcome the springtime – In the spring atmosphere, this image of a boat full of flowers moving forward in front of the Bitexco Financial Tower with its red and gold flag flying seems to represent Việt Nam surging towards prosperity and power.

Trần Thiên Sinh


Tide of humanity on two wheels – Motor-bikes and motor-cycles are an essential means of transport in this city. After a long day’s work, many people are in a hurry to get home and the traffic is very heavy. This picture captures the reality the urban transportion in HCMC.



This is the photo of Saigon that I love the most because of the sinuous shape of the Nhiêu Lộc-Thị Nghè creek, which resembles the body of a dragon, and which after 10 years of redevelopment has become a new marker of Saigon and Việt Nam in general.. I take a kind of pride in the fact that nature has adorned my country with a special kind of beauty which is difficult to find in other countries..

The creek is more beautiful and less polluted since its redevelopment, but it’s not yet quite as I would like it to be. Sometimes I daydream about the next stage of development for this waterway:

« Along the streets on each bank of the creek, there are rows of houses of uniformly Vietnamese architecture. On the water, little boats sliding lazily along carrying tourists listening to soft folk songs sung by girls wearing áo dàis. Places of recreation and Vietnamese food stalls are scattered everywhere and in the clear water you can see fish swimming in joyful colours.»

Can this daydream become a reality? Yes, I think it can, if all the inhabitants of Saigon work to preserve the innate beauty of this city, so that one day this creek can become the living dragon of HCMC, instead of just a vague outline we see in this photo.

I love Saigon with all my heart and I’ll continue photographing it until the end of my days.

Lê Anh Khoa


City children – This photo was taken one afternoon in District 2, where urbanisation has taken over the former farmland. Two children play and look towards the new houses.

Lê Bảo Ngọc


Saigon, my city – Saigon-HCMC, located in the south of Việt Nam, is a major economic and socio-political centre today, just as it has been in the past. Blessed with an always moderate climate, its main geographical feature is the dense network of rivers, creeks and canals which run through it, a feature that makes it an important commercial port, not only in southern Việt Nam, but also in Southeast Asia.

The Nhiêu Lộc-Thị Nghè creek, which meanders through Tân Bình District, District 3 and District 1 before draining into the Saigon River, is very typical of the city’s waterways. Since its refurbishment, it has become one of the most beautiful waterways in the city and even in the country. With the Tàu Hủ-Bến Nghé creek (also recently refurbished), it has become one of the most enjoyable urban spaces in Saigon.

Jet Huynh


I really love this picture because it depicts a view of the centre of HCMC with very soft green space in the foreground. I really hope that the city will continue to develop its green spaces to improve the quality of life for its residents.

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